What Makes Congo Professional Unique?

Congo professional has been professionally created by master chemists who understand the life and work of professional hair stylist because all of our master chemist have received stylist license and worked in salons for portions of their lives. This feature that our chemists have differentiates them from the rest and has allowed Congo Professional to create a product that perfectly coincides with the life and professional work of the professional stylist. These products contain specific ingredients that aid in combing hair to alleviate stress on the wrist and hands of stylist and contain natural components that help with hair washing in order to easier shampoo and condition hair with less stress on the stylist motor functions.

Can Congo Professional Restora Treatment oil be used as a Base product before a relaxer?

Yes, Congo Restora oil may be used as a pre treatment or scalp protector prior to relaxer.

Is Congo professional functional on all hair types?

Yes Congo Professional is a multi faceted line that will work magnificently on all types of hair, Natural or chemically treated.

What makes Congo Professional such a good product?

Congo Professional products have been enhanced with the best Natural oils produced by mother earth. All these natural oils have been blended perfectly in order to deliver optimum performance consistently.


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