Congo Mello Mint Therapeutic Moisturizing Shampoo

This shampoo is an excellent scalp treatment for any hair types. De-tangles and moisturizes hair, containing activated charcoal renowned for its detoxification properties that purify hair and scalp, as well as menthol and caffeine to stimulate scalp and promote hair growth, imparting body and shine to hair.  Cleanse, energize and exfoliate hair and scalp with Congo Mello Mint  Therapeutic Moisturizing Shampoo.

Congo Mello Moisture Instant Hydrating Shampoo

Gentle enough to use everyday. This non-stripping formula with hibiscus, coconut and mongongo oil lathers quickly to detangle and smooth the cuticles. Leaves hair feeling soft, silky and full of body.

Congo Mello Moisture Balancing Bath Shampoo

Designed to maintain the natural balance of your hair. Infused with green tea and citrus blossom, high buffering balancing agents, to effectively remove oily residue and mineral deposits within the hair. Mild enough for everyday use, it can also be used to balance pH of hair after chemical treatments.

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